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Tangent Adhesives

Tangent’s selection of light curable adhesives for catheter and guidewire assembly produce cured properties that meet manufacturers’ most taxing demands. Tangent uv curable adhesives are moisture resistant, extremely flexible, and when cured, possess dry, tack-free surfaces. Specifically designed for use in medical product assemblies, the adhesives are formulated to meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards, and are compatible with gamma, EtO and peroxide plasma sterilization processes.

Tangent’s exclusive LEDcure products are included in our selection of uv cure adhesives for catheter assembly. LEDcure products from Tangent fully cure in fractions of a second under low intensity UV/visible or Visible light. They are ideal for use with LED light curing equipment. Adhesive surfaces cure dry and tack-free, including those which possess the greatest elongation and flexibility which are highly desirable for catheter assembly.

Manifold bonding and thermistor potting are ideal applications for Tangent’s catheter adhesives. Each individual adhesive is capable of bonding multiple substrates including polyethylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyimide, acrylic, and nickel titanium blends. High bond strength, extreme flexibility, and low shrinkage minimize problems associated with delamination and cracking after sterilization and aging. Other suitable applications for Tangent’s adhesives include the bonding of balloons, marker rings, and tip forming.

View the catheter/guidewire assembly adhesives listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Please contact Tangent to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.

MID Series Adhesives
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